December 15, 2014 – As November came to a close we had one more Willamette Valley, Oregon Chardonnay to explore on #Winestudio. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the live chat due to the unexpected death of a beloved family member; however, I was still fortunate enough to receive the wine. I have reviewed the #Winestudio Twitter conversation from the virtual tasting as well as listened to Guy’s True Wine Culture Podcast featuring Amy Wesselman of Westrey Wine Company on Soundcloud. If you missed any or all of November’s #Winestudio session featuring 8 truly dazzling Willamette Valley Chardonnays you can read all about them in my previous articles, “Dazzling Willamette Valley Chardonnays,”  “I’m In the Mood for a Chardonnay,” and “Omero Cellars Chardonnay: Bold and Elegant.

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